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Jonathan Low

Hi, I'm The Boss at JLow and Co. I began digital marketing in 1998 selling health supplements.

When other entrepreneurs asked for my help I became a consultant but I struggled for years to get consistent, quality leads and grow my consulting business beyond a handful of clients.

Until I discovered the hidden marketing frameworks and revenue growth strategies every leading expert & knowledge based business quietly uses to attract a flood of leads, skyrocket sales and grow their revenue.

Now, I'm one of Australasia's most in-demand marketing and revenue growth strategists for professional service providers.

And I'm on a mission to help experts like you grow your business as fast as possible so you can earn more, work less and share your expertise with more people...with less stress.

What's really stopping you from reaching your business goals.

"Since the strength of the chain is determined by the weakest link, then the first step to improve an organization must be to identify the weakest link" - Eli Goldratt, The Goal.

It's not like it was back in 1998. Now anyone with a pulse can do digital marketing. Anyone with a credit card can run ads. Anyone with a computer can hack a funnel together and sell on the Internet.

Yet at the same time it's never been harder for a coach, consultant or professional service provider to effectively, efficiently and profitably market and sell their services.


Here's the most important business growth principle JLow stumbled across while working with a manufacturing client. It's based on The Theory of Constraints (TOC) by Eli Goldratt. TOC is complex and hard to put to practice but here it is in a nutshell you can put to work today.

Your ability to achieve results in your business are controlled by your constraints (weak spots / JLow and Co we call them Brake Points). Your Brake Points hold you back. You need to eliminate these first.

Anything else you do, before you eliminate your Brake Points, might increase the potential of your business but your progress will always be slow and difficult.

Eliminate the Brake Points and suddenly everything works faster, more smoothly and more efficiently. Then you can really start driving your business forward and take full advantage of your unique opportunities and strengths (Leverage Points).

In other words...if you're stuck you're probably focused on trying to solve the wrong the wrong time. And the more you do that, the harder and more complicated your business becomes.

The trick is that usually the symptom or pain of a Brake Point is obvious but the cause isn't. And the cause is almost never where you actually feel the pain. So you end up chasing the wrong solution.

For example, most clients that come to us for help with Facebook Ads because they can't run them profitably or they can't scale them up to get enough leads. Well...none of those clients has ever really had a Facebook Ads problem. They had other Brake Points in their business. They had a problem with their audience profile, or their offer or their business model...not an ad problem. Poor performing Facebook Ads was a symptom of a totally different problem. Once the real problem was fixed...Facebook became easy to scale and profitable.

Many of our clients have tried other solutions, even other agencies, to try and solve their Facebook problem...creating even more pain in the process.

You can use our suite of tools specifically engineered to locate and eliminate your unique Brake Points and identify and take full advantage of your unique Leverage Points.

All JLow and Co services are delivered with a Brake Point elimination approach. That also means we never recommend a service unless we're absolutely certain it's going help you achieve your goal...make your life a hell of a lot easier...and not just add your untapped potential.

Here's a couple of tools we use to help identify Brake Points in your business...

The G.A.S Framework

The G.A.S Framework drives every leading expert and knowledge based business. Period. Businesses struggling with inconsistent lead generation, high ad costs, low ROI and difficulty scaling have skipped critical steps which creates Brake Points (constraints) in their business.

Action Link

Stage 1: Strategy

Transform your business from Random to Strategic.

Without a clear avatar, message and strategy everything is slower, harder and more expensive.

Stage 2: Systems

Transform your business from Chasing Attention to In-Demand.

Having automated systems mean you spend less time on marketing and more time delivering service.

Stage 3: Scale

Transform your business from a Trickle to a Torrent.

The ability to generate traffic and leads on demand at a profit is the secret to a sustainable business.


Through our proprietary “Full-Funnel Maximizer” system, we’ll create high quality advertising that gets the right person in front of your offer at the right time. You’ll get reliable, consistent traffic that turns into predictable and scalable profit for your business.


Good traffic into a bad conversion process is a surefire way to create ill-will in the marketplace quickly! We’ll help you make strategic changes (based on data) to your marketing and sales processes so you’ll convert the highest amount of visitors into customers possible – all while creating goodwill in the market.


The unfortunate reality of successful online advertising is that it is NOT “set it and forget it”. Our expert team is testing, tweaking and refining various elements of your campaigns daily to optimize them for your continued success and getting you the highest ROI possible.

Content Marketing

“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left.” ~ Seth Godin. From bite-sized content for Social Media to articles, marketing reports, manifestos and white papers. We've got the systems, strategies and experienced copywriters to deliver you content that attracts, indoctrinates, persuades and drives leads and sales in a way that makes you stand out as the "go to" solution in your market.

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